Safe + Secure eNews July 2018

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Encouraging a safety culture for young workers 

When the school year ends, more young people step into new workplaces hoping to gain some experience and earn some extra cash. But for workers between the ages of 15 and 24, more than 40 per cent of all injuries happen between June and September. The Department of Labour and Advanced Education and WCB Nova Scotia are encouraging workers and employers to make workplace safety a priority this summer. WCB Nova Scotia has tools, tips and resources for employers to help young workers stay safe on the job. 

Work safe this summer so you can get back to what matters most 

In Nova Scotia, summer is long-awaited and short and sweet. But for those who work outdoors, the new season comes with a new set of risks and hazards. WCB Nova Scotia has information and resources on protecting yourself from ticks, everything you need to know about choosing a sunscreen, and preventing heat-related illnesses like heatstroke and dehydration.  Work smart and take precautions so you can enjoy the beach with friends, barbecue with your family, or get outside with your pets – the way summer should be spent. 

Resources available to aide return to work

When a worker loses time from work after an injury on the job, staying connected to their employer is one of the most important pieces of making a safe and timely return to work. One way to do that is through adopting temporary transitional or modified duties to align with functional abilities. Through the Working to Well initiative, WCB Nova Scotia offers workers, employers and service providers inspiration, information and resources on staying connected and understanding individual roles on a return-to-work team.  

WCB Online reaches one-year milestone 

Since the introduction of WCB Online one year ago, thousands of Nova Scotian workers and employers have been enjoying the benefits of communicating and doing business with us online. The service, unveiled as part of WCB Nova Scotia’s ongoing business transformation, helps improve communication, customer experience, and overall response times. Information is sent securely online, helping to move claims faster, and contributing to better outcomes for a safe and timely return to work. Learn more and sign up today! 

Industry Spotlight: Construction

From road building to roofing and all the structures in between, construction is a major industry in Nova Scotia. It’s also one that faces many different workplace hazards. There were 537 time-loss injuries in construction in 2017 – down significantly from 754 in 2010. Though challenges remain, the number of serious injuries in the sector has seen a steady decline, thanks to an ongoing focus on safety from employers, workers and organizations like Construction Safety Nova Scotia. 

Injury Spotlight: MSIs


Comms-Image-MSI infographic_thumb

Year after year, musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs) are in the top spot for the most common type of workplace injury in Nova Scotia. In 2017, they represented 64.7 per cent of all time-loss claims across all industries.  Involving the muscles, skeleton, and other major body parts, MSIs can be very painful, but the good news is they’re completely preventable.