Safe + Secure eNews December 2019


Don’t let the hustle and bustle of the holiday season get in the way of safety

Lunch rooms are filled with treats and there’s a last minute push to get work done before the New Year. The holiday season is officially here. This is often the time of year when stress and distractions are high. 

To help make sure safety on the job doesn’t take a back seat, we’re sharing some quick tips to help ensure you have a safe and ergonomically friendly holiday season.  

Prevent injuries when moving items at work with these five tips

Musculoskeletal Injuries (MSIs) from lifting, pushing, and carrying are some of the most common injuries. MSIs are injuries to the muscles and skeleton. In 2018, MSIs represented 64.4 per cent of all workplace injuries in Nova Scotia. Awareness and safe practices when performing manual tasks at work can help reduce them. Help keep workers safe when manual movement is needed with these five tips. 

Update on clearance letters
We have extended paper clearance letters until March 31, 2020. In early 2020, clearance letters will only be available through MyAccount. From MyAccount, you will be able to: 

• Save, print, and email your clearance letter.
• Check clearance status of contractors. Accounts will remain in good standing for the full quarter, unless the account is closed.
• Save, print, and email contractor clearance letters.
• See expiry date directly on the clearance letter. 

You will need access to MyAccount to obtain your clearance letter. If you’re not already registered for MyAccount, visit to sign up. 

Online support for MyAccount
Employers, workers, and service providers can easily access support for MyAccount and WCB Online any time by visiting

The user-friendly site provides step-by-step instructions for many functions, including forms and how to contact the WCB through secure messaging. Stay up to date on system news and updates by clicking on the System Updates tab under each user section. 

Health and wellness survey for employers

Employers are invited to participate in a survey that will help shape resources they can use to create healthier workplaces. 

WCB Nova Scotia is pleased to support this initiative, which is being led by Acadia University and funded by Nova Scotia Communities, Culture and Heritage. This brief and anonymous survey will help to enhance workplace wellness activities in Nova Scotia.

Click here to start the survey. 

Start a safety conversation

Regular safety conversations help keep safety top of mind for everyone in a workplace. Start a slips, trips, and falls safety conversation with the Slips, Trips and Falls Discussion Guide. On average, slip, trip, and fall injuries result in 61 days lost from work. These types of injuries can be prevented with awareness, good housekeeping, and dealing with hazards when possible.