Safety & Health Week

Safety & Health Week

Safety & Health Week

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We’ve gathered some of our best prevention and return-to-work resources together into one convenient spot for workers and employers to find what they need to create safe workplaces. 


 Working to Well

Being a leader means stepping up to protect your employees. Discover how you can continue to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and prevent injuries in the workplace. Find tools and resources to help keep the people in your workplace safe. Our Working to Well program provides tools and resources to help reduce the human and economic toll of workplace injury in our province. Check out the website to learn more about your role in enabling safe and timely returns to work.

Healthy Workplaces

COVID-19 Materials

These resources will help Nova Scotia employers improve the psychological health and safety of their workplaces. Important measures, like wearing masks, physical distancing, and hand washing have become a normal part of our work lives. This resource hub for Nova Scotia workplaces will help everyone work safely through COVID-19. 

Here are some other great resources:  

Workplace Safety Kits - Creating a culture of safety in your workplace is one of the most important responsibilities as a leader. Use these Workplace Safety Kits to remind employees why they work safely at moments when a reminder has the most impact.  
Workplace Posters - Specific to your industry, these posters are designed to remind team members about safe work best-practices for specific tasks, and why working safely is important.  
Slips, Trips, Falls - Slips, trips, and falls are a major cause of injury in Nova Scotia workplaces. Knowing the hazards can help you take steps to prevent them.  
Musculoskeletal Injuries - Sprains, strains and other soft tissue injuries are the most common type of workplace injury in Nova Scotia. Small changes can make a big difference.   
Risk Mapping Tool - Great safety leaders take a proactive approach to identifying risks in their own workplace to prevent injuries before they happen. Our Risk Mapping Tool can be used in any workplace to help identify, assess, and control injury hazards.  
Safety Matters Blog - Read blogs discussing workplace safety opportunities in Nova Scotia and around the world.   
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COVID-19 Safety

It's time to lead.

Digital Screens

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