Healthy Workplaces Employer Toolkit

Keeping workplaces physically and psychologically safe is always a priority for safety champions. Make a plan and make safety stick - whatever industry you work in.

Use the tools below to demonstrate your commitment to workplace safety.

Learn more about creating psychologically healthy and safe workplaces

Social Posts

Help raise awareness of healthy workplaces on social media. Create a post using our social graphic on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Suggested Post Content: Healthy workplaces balance physical and psychological health and safety, which is good for everyone. When employees feel supported and safe it has positive effects.


The following graphics show injury statistics by industry. Use these to tell the story of impact injuries have on your industry.

 Construction injury statistics Fishing injury statistics Heath and social services injury statistics
Hospitality injury statistics Manufacturing injury statistics Retail injury statistics Trucking injury statistics


Digital Screens

If you have digital screens in your workplace, you can download and add this graphic and video to demonstrate your commitment to workplace safety. 

Animated Digital Screen


Email and Web Banners

Download and post this banner on your website or include it in your emails to show your commitment to workplace safety.


Background for Video Calls

Remind those on your video call about your commitment to workplace safety.


Radio/Audio Spots

The following radio/audio spots demonstrate that workplace safety includes both physical safety and psychological health and safety. Share with teams as reminders.