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Learning and Teaching about Workplace Health and Safety

Positive Safety Culture Starts with Learning

Workplace health and safety education and training are vital to how students and adult learners think about staying safe at work. These resources are designed to support teaching and learning in career colleges, community based learning organizations and the public school system:

Career Colleges and Community Based Learning Organizations

These resources are freely downloadable and designed to support ongoing and new workplace health and safety classroom instruction. Community educators can reach out to their regional NSSAL coordinator for more information, and colleges are asked to check in with the Private Career Colleges Division for more information about provincial requirements specific to health and safety instruction and delivery of risk assessment.

Slideshows and Discussion Guides:

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As an option for busy days, view the many short videos on the NS Work Safe. For Life. YouTube Channel

Junior and Senior High School Teachers

Health, safety and risk assessment resources are on the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development’s Virtual School and Digital Video Library websites and on St. John Ambulance’s For more information about grade 7-12 health, safety and risk assessment requirements and supports contact your school board’s Youth Pathways Consultant.

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