Questions to Ask Your Kid

Safety level

Important Questions to Ensure Your Kids' Safety

General questions:

  1. Are you tired at work?
  2. What tasks do you normally perform at work?
  3. Were safety orientation training and rules of the workplace provided?
  4. Is there a supervisor in or near your work area?
  5. Does your supervisor provide feedback, including information and advice on how to work safely?
  6. Do you feel comfortable in reporting concerns to your supervisor?

More specific questions:

  1. Does your job involve climbing or working at heights?
  2. Do you lift and carry heavy objects?
  3. Do you know the proper protective equipment to wear, and do you wear it?
  4. Do you work with chemicals? Have you had the mandatory training to use them?
  5. Do you work with any machinery, and have you received proper training for it?
  6. Would you report any injury you receive to your supervisor immediately?

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