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Workplace Safety Strategy - The Next Five Years
We all have a role to play when it comes to safety, especially in the workplace.  While there has been progress made in Nova Scotia’s workplace safety record over the past 10 years, there is still much work to do.

Over the past year, the Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education and the WCB have been facilitating a process that saw hundreds of Nova Scotians across the province participate in extensive consultations to provide input into a new Workplace Safety Strategy for Nova Scotia.  In addition to the consultation, research across Canada and around the world informed decisions on where to focus action.

It is proposed that the renewed 2013-1017 Workplace Safety Strategy focus on six key priorities:
1)    Leadership
2)    Culture change
3)    Small and medium enterprise
4)    Education and training
5)    Inspection and enforcement
6)    Performance measurement

In a few weeks, a draft strategy will be shared with Nova Scotians for comment and feedback.  You will be able to read and comment on this document until January 22, 2013, at  Nova Scotians are indebted to everyone who participates in this process to make workplaces safer.  

The final 2013-2017 Workplace Safety Strategy will be released in early 2013. It will help guide Nova Scotia as we work toward eliminating workplace injuries, and becoming the safest place to work in Canada.

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