Inspection and Enforcement


From the Strategy:
Workplace inspection and enforcement of safety laws and regulations are valuable opportunities to promote better safety practices. 

Progress Highlights

  • Creation of Education and Outreach Team at Department of Labour, Skills and Immigration
  • Joint Workplace Initiative brings WCB Nova Scotia and the Department of Labour, Skills and Immigration together at individual workplaces
  • Targeted inspection includes actions to provide general awareness as well as evaluate the level of compliance such as in landscape, retail, and construction sectors
  • Cross-training enhanced between WCB Nova Scotia and Department of Labour, Skills and Immigration
  • Special Prosecutor hired with a focus on OHS compliance
  • Targeted inspections have become the majority of inspection related activities based upon planning priorities. The balance of inspections generated from calls to toll-free telephone line
  • Complaint tracking system implemented in 2016 to track data and trends on the type of calls and inform priority setting for targeted inspections
  • System and process reviewed in consultation with stakeholders and changes introduced in 2014
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act convictions list updated every three months on website


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