Food Services

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Restaurants and other food service businesses in Nova Scotia have been adapting and doing business differently while keeping customers and workers safe throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

For some businesses, it’s the first time ever providing delivery service to customers. Employers and workers inside the restaurant and on the road are adapting to new ways of working to make preparing and delivering food as safe as possible. Examples include having customers pay in advance and providing no-contact deliveries. Some businesses are also offering new products that customers can cook themselves at home.

Some of the strategies that support safety in food service during COVID-19 include:

  • Extra handwashing: On arrival, between orders, after touching shared surfaces, after breaks, after handling cash
  • Limit food handling and avoid direct handoffs of packaged meals
  • Clean tools and work surfaces often
  • Provide contactless drop offs 
  • Provide drivers with gloves and hand sanitizer
  • Have food suppliers do contactless drop offs

Government of Nova Scotia’s recommendations related to safety at work during COVID-19