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Other Job-Voice for Carev2

What's your other job?

When we leave work, we all have other jobs – things we love to do and things those who love us count on us to do. Maybe it’s a hobby, sport, helping friends and family, or helping your entire community. It could be a passion for music or just being passionate about kicking back and watching your favourite show.

Whatever it is, it’s the most important reason to get home safe. Because what we do outside of work is what matters most.

Our Other Job kit is an easy and fun way to help keep everyone safe at work, and is designed to remind your team members that what matters most to them is made possible by workplace safety. To request a kit, extra nametags, or if you have any questions about how best to deploy this exercise, please email us.

We invite you to make this “Other Job” exercise part of your regular workplace safety programming.