What Matters Most

Safety level

What Matters Most carries a powerful message, but on its own it's just 60 seconds of television. It can help remind us why safety is important and motivate us to take action - but research shows that even the most powerful messages are only effective on connection with action - action by all of us. Worker or employer, everyone has something they can do to improve workplace safety.

About the Campaign

The What Matters Most campaign was born out of Nova Scotia's Workplace Safety Strategy.Created in Nova Scotia by Nova Scotians, the campaign reminds us of the most important reasons for workplace safety, by telling stories of Nova Scotian workers and employers arriving home. The message is simple and powerful.

The commercial airs on television throughout the year during times when viewers can appreciate the emotional connection between doing the things they enjoy and workplace safety. Watch for the ad to appear around holidays or when friends and families gather around the television for major sporting events.

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Everyone has a most important reason for working safely. What's yours? Visit us on Facebook and share your story with us. We may use your story next!