Behind the Scenes

Safety level

What Matters Most was filmed over three days across the Halifax region, in both rural and urban locations. Health and safety officers were on set at all times to ensure that work was depicted safely and to ensure the safety of the crew and actors.

All actors, film crew, music, and voice talent in the What Matters Most advertisement are Nova Scotian. Production enlisted the help of a number of Nova Scotians who shared their homes, boats, and pets with us. For example: The captain of the vessel in the fishing scene shared his boat with us, skillfully piloting it to shore time after time to get the right take.

Ellen Rudderham, a six year old first-time actress from Fall River, was thrilled to play the part of the young girl who meets her fisherman father on the wharf. She hopes the role helps launch her career. "It's like a dream and I can't wait for everyone to see me on TV!" she adds.

Music for the spot was chosen from the vast offerings of Nova Scotia's artist community. In the end, a special arrangement of Cape Breton artist Carleton Stone's "When you come home" provides the musical background to the story.