While we tend to think about workplace injuries as sudden and dramatic, they can often develop gradually.

In Nova Scotia, noise-induced hearing loss is considered an occupational disease when the injury is caused by factors in a workplace. Unlike cuts, bruises or sprains, hearing loss is rarely painful and takes years to develop. But by the time it’s noticeable, it’s often too late.

About 600 new hearing loss claims are processed each year. An  average of $6 million in claims benefits are spent on about 5,000 claims annually.

In Recital, a mother sustains occupational noise-induced hearing loss and can no longer clearly hear her daughter practicing the piano. We see her start work in a new factory that takes hearing protection very seriously. 

From the ad we can see there are things both the worker and employer could have done differently to prevent this injury.

Watch the video and discuss with your co-workers using: A guide to discussing the Recital safety advertisement in your workplace