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Celebrating Workplace Safety with Capital District Health Authority - Organizational Health Department
Employer Return to Work Champion - Capital District Health Authority 

As one of Nova Scotia’s largest employers, the leadership team at Capital District Health Authority (CDHA) has continually proven its commitment to creating a safety culture within their organization. A commitment which is perhaps best highlighted through the work of the Organizational Health Department.

Since 2005, CDHA has invested strategic resources into working with employees who experience time lost from work due to personal or work related injury/illness; and in the past couple of years has focused on musculoskeletal injuries as a result of patient handling. 

Dedicated positions were created within their Organizational Health Department to address time loss injuries, including a WCB Specialist – acting as a liaison between the employer and the Workers’ Compensation Board, and an Injury Prevention Specialist – working with clinical teams to implement and evaluate programs to reduce injuries related to patient handling and transferring activities.

As a result, time lost due to injury decreased from 56 days in 2008, to 42 days in 2011. 

At CDHA, increased focus on injury prevention and creating a vibrant return to work program has not only resulted in fewer injuries and a decrease in time lost from the job but strengthened partnerships within the internal and external community.

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