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Celebrating Workplace Safety with CKF Inc.

Employer Safety Champion – CKF Inc.

CKF Inc., the 2010 winners of the Employer Safety Champion Award for the South Shore/Valley region.

CKF Inc. has always taken appropriate measures to ensure employees safety, but in 2006 they embraced a new program and saw dramatic improvements. With a new focus and engaged workforce, CKF had no lost-time injuries in 2009, reducing their time-loss claims cost from $216,060.83 in 2007 to $0 in 2009.

How did they do it? Through co-operative efforts by labour and management, they truly believe workplace safety is something that must be embodied by the entire organization and at every level. CKF Inc. has proven to be a company that supports this ideology by implementing various programs and policies to address safety directly, through employing occupational health and safety professionals, and creating a Safety Task Team consisting of senior management personnel from all three locations across Canada.

For the development, implementation and annual review of safety policies and programs, CKF Inc. worked with key stakeholders both internally and externally. The corporate Health & Safety Policy was developed in consultation with the Joint Health & Safety Committee, and is annually reviewed by both the company president and safety committee. 

With over 280 employees, at the Hantsport facility, CKF Inc. has proven that engaging your entire organization is vital to a successful change.  They are committed to the core value that all workplace injuries/illnesses are preventable and health and safety is a shared responsibility of all workplace parties.

The company now shares its safety expertise and resources with other companies across Nova Scotia. 

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