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Celebrating Workplace Safety with Edmonds Landscape and Construction Services Ltd.

Safety Transformation and Employer Safety Champions - Edmonds Landscape and Construction Services Ltd.

In 1997, the landscape industry did not have a highly regarded safety program: personal protective equipment was not used consistently, hazard assessments were not procedure, and inspections were rare. It was then that Edmonds Landscape and Construction Services Limited decided something needed to be done.  Together with key stakeholders they helped establish a standard for health and safety compliance for the landscape industry.

Since then, Edmonds has consistently engaged their employees, customers, and many partners to ensure safety is the top priority on the job.  Edmonds has set a goal of “zero accidents/injuries – each and every hour, day, month and year.”  In working towards this goal, they have implemented an Internal Responsibility System. 

With the help of employees, Edmonds designed Safe Work Practices and Safe Job Procedures specifically relating to the company and each of the services and equipment they provide. At any point in time, an employee can review, edit or update the documents, which are then reviewed by the Health and Safety Committee. 

“At Edmonds, we make safety a daily priority with the knowledge that ongoing vigilance is required for the achievement of our unified commitment to a safe work environment for all,” said Roger Edmonds, President.

Edmonds continues to be a progressive leader for the Landscaping Industry.  In 2005, they had roll bars and seatbelts installed on all ride-on mowers at the point of purchase – not a universal practice in the industry at the time. 

Edmonds’ outstanding commitment and dedication to changing the industry outlook on safety is the reason they won both the 2010 Mainstay Safety Transformation and Employer Safety Champions awards.

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