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CKF Inc. Takes Home 3rd Mainstay Award - This Time for Safety Excellence

L-R: Labour and Advanced Education Minister Kelly Regan, Ian Anderson, President of CKF Inc., Stuart MacLean, CEO of WCB.

In 2009, CKF Inc. made their first walk across the Mainstay stage, winning the award for Safety Transformation. This was a significant moment for the team from the Hantsport molded fibre plant and their 270 full-time employees. Just two years earlier, CKF was facing its second surcharge warning from the WCB. This mattered to the leadership team at CKF, and they worked hard to create significant change within their organization.

This work paid off, as the organization returned to the awards the following year, taking home the Employer Safety Champion Award.

This year, CKF Inc. has been named the winner of the Safety Award of Excellence Award for an organization. Since 2009, CKF Inc. has not had a time-lost claim. Their claim costs, which in 2007 were in excess of $232,000, have now dropped down to $13,877.21. These savings have meant that the company could invest in CKF’s competitiveness in the global market. It’s meant a more stable workplace, which in turn allowed for more stable jobs. It’s meant an increased investment in new equipment and additional employees. It’s meant an ability to innovate and put out new products. Most importantly, it’s meant an increase in employee morale.

CKF’s focus on safety has made an impact externally as well. As their company represents a large portion of their industry rate group, these lowered claim costs have had a significant impact on the broader industry rate.

A true success story, CKF Inc. believe in sharing their best practices with other organizations across Nova Scotia, and indeed the country, telling their story and offering their expertise through participation in such groups as The Canadian Society of Safety Engineering, the Nova Scotia Employee Assistance Program Association, the Canadian Manufacturing and Exporters, and the Nova Scotia WCB Working Group among others.

CKF Inc. is a true safety leader, and very deserving of the Mainstay Award for Safety Excellence.

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