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Father's Day
On Father’s Day, Dads may get a chance to sleep in or even have breakfast in bed.
This year we should also pause to remember that over 3,800 Nova Scotian men, many of them Dads, were seriously injured on the job in Nova Scotia last year.  Men accounted for 58.4 per cent of all lost-time claims with the Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia.
That’s nearly 4,000 families that experienced the impact of workplace injury. In some cases, lives and families are changed forever.
Overall, Nova Scotia is becoming a safer place to work. Serious injuries are down 27 per cent since 2005.  And injured workers are able to get back to their regular jobs, and regular lives, more quickly.
But there is no “acceptable” number of workplace injuries. Too many Dads, and too many people, are hurt each year. Tragically, some are even killed.  We can’t stop our efforts until the number of injuries and deaths is zero.
So hug your Dad extra tight this year, and tell him to stay safe at work.

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