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Fire Prevention at Home and Work


It’s National Fire Prevention Week in Canada, and this year's theme is: "Fire Prevention Week – Have 2 Ways Out".

According to the not-for-profit organization Fire Prevention Canada, on average, eight Canadians die from fire every week. Residential fires account for 73 per cent of these fatalities. Most of these fires are preventable and caused by careless behaviour. The leading causes of home fires are cooking, heating, electrical and smoking materials.

Fires aren’t just a hazard at home.  According to WCB of NS statistics, an average of 71 fire-related workplace injuries have been reported annually for the past five years (2007-2011).

This week, at work and at home, determine your “two ways out” in the event of fire. You can find some tips from the Halifax Fire Department to help you develop your plan here.

But don’t stop there. Take some time to consider the steps you can take in your office to prevent fires.

Here are a few safety tips for the office from Fire Prevention Canada.

  • Keep exits clear of combustibles (e.g. discarded paper and empty cartons.)
  • Provide adequate clearance and circulation of air between combustible material and hot surfaces or heat sources such as copy machines and computers.
  • Strategically locate the portable fire extinguishers suitable for particular fire hazards, and train key employees on their proper operation.
  • Establish an ‘Emergency Team’ and train each member on how to respond to fire emergencies.
  • Develop a fire emergency evacuation plan and conduct at least two fire drills per year in order to familiarize office personnel on how to respond to fire emergencies.
  • Keep flammables properly stored and secured.
More safety tips for the home and office.

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