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Spring Cleaning: A Safety Checklist

As summer approaches, it’s the perfect opportunity to start getting your home or cottage ready for summer. Whether that means decluttering the closets, deep-cleaning the floors or tidying up loose odds and ends, there are ways to make sure your house gets cleaned the safe way. 

Below are some tips on avoiding injuries while cleaning and making sure your home’s safety is polished and up to speed.

1. Stretch. Don’t be too ambitious by jumping right in! Rearranging furniture and lifting appliances can give you a serious strain if you haven’t warmed up properly. You can read more about avoiding the risk of musculoskeletal injuries here.  
2. Protect yourself. Wear gloves and closed-toed shoes/boots while working outside, or a mask if working with heavy chemicals and dust. 
3. Keep it balanced. When wiping, dusting or carrying objects, try to alternate hands as much as possible. 
4. Work as a team. If something is too heavy to lift by yourself, don’t be afraid to call a friend! Having a partner to hold a ladder steady, pass you tools and open doors when your hands are full can save you stress and injury. 
5. Don’t rush it. It can be tempting to cut corners, but it’s not worth the risk. Never try carrying too much at once and always keep an eye on your surroundings. 
6. Check your fire alarms/detectors. Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to keep tabs on all your fire and carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure they’re all functioning and fully charged!
7. Tidy as you go. Put cleaning supplies away as soon as you’ve finished with them to avoid slips, trips and falls. 
8. Stretch – again. Congrats, you’re done! Before you sit back to admire your hard work, give your arms and legs and stretch to avoid cramping. 

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