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Talking to Generation Y
In the summer months, thousands of young Nova Scotians are working on summer jobs. But as any manager – or maybe even any parent – will tell you, dealing with “Generation Y” or the “Millennials” can be different than dealing with older workers.

As this story from the Financial Post points out, employers and managers need to consider how best to speak to Gen Y so that everyone benefits. This is particularly true when it comes to workplace safety.

Gen Y are not “slackers”. In fact, they are very creative and focused. But they approach the world in a different way than Baby Boomers or Generation X.  And they have high expectations about jobs and work-life balance.

So a few tips from this article on how best to work with your young workers:

  • Collaborate, don’t dictate
  • Work with your values in mind
  • Encourage collective work
  • Focus on balance

The take-away for workplace safety is to ensure your workers have the confidence to speak up if they encounter dangerous conditions on a job site. Don’t take it for granted that they will. Work with them beyond the initial orientation session to let them know that they are partners in safety at your workplace. Let them know you value their feedback - that their voice matters.

Your reward will be safe, engaged and productive employees.

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