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Use the Risk Mapping Tool to help prevent injuries in your workplace - May 2022

The benefits of a healthy workplace are felt by all. Productivity increases when employees feel supported and safe. Healthy workplaces are welcoming. Heath workplaces are safe. Healthy workplaces are supportive. Healthy workplaces are good for everyone.

One aspect of creating a healthy workplace is for safety leaders to take a proactive approach to identifying risks in their own workplace to prevent injuries before they happen.

The first step to knowing how to prevent injuries in your workplace is to understand where and why they’re happening.

No matter where you work, WCB Nova Scotia’s Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Risk Mapping Tool can be used to help identify, assess, and control injury hazards to help reduce injuries.

This resource has been used by many Nova Scotia workplaces to help them successfully assess and understand their own unique risks, and how to implement the appropriate controls to prevent injuries in their workplace. Read more about the tool below and add your workplace to our list of safety success stories.

How to use the OH&S Risk Mapping Tool

The OH&S Risk Mapping Tool is designed to be used in two ways:

First, it can help you identify where and why your employees are being injured. Second, it can be used as a proactive inspection tool to help identify where hazards exist, even if no incidents have yet occurred.

Within the tool, you will find a flow chart that outlines the basic steps for each option. Follow the flow chart to determine how the tool can best help you.


Getting Started


Once you have identified a starting point, follow the detailed instructions in the rest of the document to  begin your risk mapping exercise.

In the back half of the Risk Mapping Tool, you will find an appendix that features sketch maps, worksheets, action plan templates and other resources that you can customize for your workplace.

Next Steps

The Risk Mapping Tool contains a list of other helpful resources that will help you turn your assessment into an action plan.

On page 12, you will find links to information on preventing specific types of injuries, hazard control tips, psychological health and safety and much more.

More like the Risk Mapping Tool

WCB Nova Scotia offers a wide range of free safety planning and prevention resources for workplaces, no matter which stage of safety planning you’re in.

Visit the Employer Checklists & Resources page for resources on hazard recognition and response, what to do in the event of an incident or injury, and even more customizable tools that will help you understand your workplace’s unique safety concerns. 

Be sure to browse through for lots more, and set your workplace up for success.

We’re always adding new resources! Sign up for our e-newsletter to be the first to know when new tools are available. 

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