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Working to Recovery
The best workplace injury is one that never happens in the first place, but when people are hurt on the job, it takes a team of people to help them recover.

Team members include employers, health care providers, WCB case management teams, and the worker impacted by injury.

The most common reason resulting in time missed from work due to injury in Nova Scotia, is a soft tissue sprain or strain. In 2015, sprains and strains accounted for 64 per cent of all lost time injuries.

Nova Scotia’s average claim duration – the amount of time people spend off work when they’re injured – increased last year to 108 days, or about three and a half months. The reasons people remain off work longer here than anywhere else in Canada are varied, and research shows the longer people are off work, the less likely they are to return to it.

This has significant socio-economic impact on our region and on families in our communities.

WCB Nova Scotia has been working closely with industry, safety associations and employers to prevent workplace injuries. The result of this collective effort has been tremendous, with 3,000 fewer people being injured at work than a decade ago.

But workplace injury still takes too great a human impact and too many days lost from work. This issue needs urgent attention, toward the same cultural shift the province has seen in workplace safety.

The benefits of keeping our workforce healthy and on the job have impact on our province’s economy and on the communities in which we live.

In the weeks and months ahead, we’ll be focusing more on supporting all the members of the return-to-work team, as we champion a timely return to safe and healthy work for those impacted by workplace injury.

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