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WorkShift Podcast: Getting Back is Part of Getting Better with Dr. Leisha Hawker and Dr. Manoj Vohra

In episode eleven of the WorkShift podcast, Shelley Rowan speaks with Dr. Leisha Hawker and Dr. Manoj Vohra about a physician’s role to help Nova Scotians recover from a workplace injury and make a safe and timely return to work.

What insights do our province’s medical leaders have about the importance of a safe and timely return to work? Why is staying connected to work after an injury so important for a successful recovery?

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About Dr. Leisha Hawker 

Dr. Leisha Hawker is the former president of Doctors Nova Scotia, the province’s medical association that represents more than 3,500 physicians. For more than ten years, Dr. Hawker has practiced as a family physician, specializing in addiction treatment and support. 

About Dr. Manoj Vohra 

Dr. Manoj Vohra is the Chief Medical Officer for WCB Nova Scotia. Dr. Vohra is also a practicing physician who served as the president of Doctors Nova Scotia from 2017-2018. With over a decade of experience in the field, his expertise brings a wealth of knowledge to the discussion. 

About WorkShift 

On WorkShift, we’re putting leaders in workplace safety on the mic to talk about health and safety, but most of all, leadership in a world that has changed forever. Hear the stories behind their successes and failures, and how they’re meeting the same challenges you may be facing. 

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