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WorkShift Podcast: Safety Storytelling with Martin Lesperance

Storytelling is one of the most compelling forms of communication and often the best way to ensure vital information is absorbed by the people you are trying to reach. 

In episode five of the WorkShift podcast, former WCB CEO Stuart MacLean talks to Martin Lesperance about the effectiveness of storytelling in workplace safety, especially for those in leadership roles, and for young people who are just entering the workforce.

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About Martin Lesperance

Martin Lesperance is a firefighter/EMR and paramedic who has become one of the leading safety speakers in North America. He deals head-on with the topic of workplace safety with a unique and humorous style and light-hearted approach, effectively conveying the message that safety is vital. He sees first-hand and on a daily basis the results that happen from a split second of carelessness, so he has dedicated his time to prevent injuries from happening in the first place, rather than respond to and attend to the injured person after they have been hurt.

About WorkShift

On WorkShift, we're putting leaders in workplace safety on the mic to talk health, safety, but most of all, leadership in a world that has changed forever. Hear the stories behind their successes, and their failures, and how they’re meeting the same challenges you may be facing. 

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