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Developed for industry in consultation with employers, safety associations and WCB relationship managers, these kits contain materials like posters, decals and a card game to remind workers why they work safely.

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Industry profile: Health and social services

44,000 people work in acute care, long-term care, home care and community services sectors where workplace safety challenges are diverse.   


time-loss injuries in 2018


of all time-loss injuries in 2018

Internal Responsibility System 

As an employer or a worker in Nova Scotia, you have legal rights to keep you safe on your job.

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Safety Matters blog posts

Safety Matters Blog

  • Young Workers – Getting Safety Right from the Start
    Posted 4 months ago
    School’s out, summer is in, and the warm weather is slowly coaxing cold students out from libraries and classrooms and into the workplace.
  • Father’s Day 2019
    Posted 4 months ago
    Pepperoni pizza master chef, pillow fort architect, pro bono driving instructor – being a Dad means going above and beyond three simple letters. Those other jobs are important. In fact, they’re the reasons we work safely during the day: to get home to those jobs that truly matter most, and the people who matter most.

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A workplace is only as safe as the commitment of each and every team member to make sure everyone gets home to what matters most at the end of the day.
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