Workplace Safety Strategy

Safety level

Throughout the implementation of the Workplace Safety Strategy for Nova Scotians 2013-2017, workplace injury continued to decline in our province, with pockets of noticeable cultural improvement. More voices came forward as champions for safety, and there was a collective efforts across sectors, and across the province’s most senior leaders, to improve outcomes when it comes to keeping our workers safe, healthy and on the job.


At the same time, over those five years, the face of workplace safety has changed, perhaps even in ways we didn’t anticipate at the outset. The depth of challenges in sectors like home care and long term care became more clear, and as a province, we began working to understand the complexities of mental health, and related prevention strategies.


With much accomplished and much to do, the biggest outcome of the Workplace Safety Strategy is a new way of working together, as we build on the strong momentum to make Nova Scotia a safer place to work.
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