Performance Management and Measurement


From the Strategy:
Workplace safety has historically been measured, almost exclusively, by when it fails – injuries and lives lost on the job, or time lost to work-related injury. These lagging indicators are important and will continue to be measured, but new tools are needed to help Nova Scotia workers and employers determine if they are doing the right things to keep workers safe. 

Progress Highlights

  • Ongoing support for Soteria program at Nova Scotia Health Authority
  • Development and Execution of Back Protection Agent program
  • WCB Nova Scotia and Department of Labour, Skills and Immigration data inventory completed
  • Targeted inspection of long-term care facilities provided general insights to program in place and gaps
  • Establishment of Community of Safe Practice in health care
  • Fishing Safety Now plan developed and being implemented
  • Development of Workplace Safety Action Plan for NS Health and Community Service Sector
  • Health Care compliance blitz in spring 2016
  • Health Care Safety Action Plan groundwork
  • CN Centre study on Nova Scotia Safety Climate Index
  • Leading indicators for workplace in development (2016) and to be incorporated into leadership toolkit
  • Safety maturity model based on the Institute of Work and Health Organizational Performance Index (OPI) basis for accessing relevant resources on


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