Workplace Safety Kit

Safety level

Creating a culture of safety in your workplace is one of the most important responsibilities as a leader. 

You can do this by reminding employees why they work safely at moments when a reminder has the most impact. 

This kit will help you. 

You can order these kits based on your industry. 

Workplace Posters
Specific to your industry, these posters are designed to remind team members about safe work best-practices for specific tasks and why working safely is important. 

Hand Wash
Place this decal near hand washing/sanitizing stations to remind employees of the importance of working safely.

Circle Decals
Feel free to place these small decals in areas or on objects around your workplace so long as they do not distract from any existing safety communications. Some areas include, near a light switch, on a whiteboard, or on a staff vending machine.
Danger Decals
Two danger decals are included in this kit. Place the “Be cautious” decal next to any tool or area that deserves extra caution. Place the “Use me” decal near any safety guards or mechanisms.
Clock In
Encourage workers to think about the importance of working safely by placing this decal wherever workers start and end their day.
To be placed on the corner of your OHS bulletin board, these decals are designed to remind employees that workplace injuries hurt the most at home.
"New" Marker
Pin this bell to your Occupational Health & Safety bulletin board as a signal to your team members that an important update has been added. Remember to remove the marker after the updates are no longer “new” eg: two weeks.
A locker magnet has been included, as a way to encourage team members to share who motivates them at work. To order additional items, please contact WCB Nova Scotia.
Mirror Decal
Use this decal on washroom mirrors as a repeated reminder to keep working safely top-of-mind.