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Winter is here - it's time to start preparing your workplace during the cold, slippery days of winter. We have a kit for that!

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Industry profile: Health and Social Services Sectors

For health workers in acute care, continuing care, and home and community care sectors, the hazards are diverse. 

time-loss injuries in 2016
of all time-loss injuries in 2016

Internal Responsibility System 

As an employer or a worker in Nova Scotia, you have legal rights to keep you safe on your job.

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Safety Matters blog posts

Safety Matters Blog

  • EMC – Injury Prevention Taskforce
    Posted 6 days ago
    It’s no secret that paramedics perform physically demanding, time-sensitive tasks in order to provide pre-hospital patient care, while putting their own bodies at risk. How can first responders effectively help patients, if helping means they hurt themselves?”
  • Using candy to reduce slips, trips and falls?
    Posted last month
    Check out this fun way to reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls.

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