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Industry profile: Health and Social Services Sectors

For health workers in acute care, continuing care, and home and community care sectors, the hazards are diverse. 

time-loss injuries in 2016
of all time-loss injuries in 2016

Internal responsibility system 

As an employer or a worker in Nova Scotia, you have legal rights to keep you safe on your job.

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  • Walking the Walk and Talking the Talk: Improving Safety Outcomes at the ACMHC Posted 2 hours ago
    Nestled in the meadows surrounding the base of North Mountain in Bridgetown, Nova Scotia, the Annapolis County Municipal Housing Corporation (ACMHC) is an idyllic scene of tranquility and respite. But don’t let the rustic setting fool you – while Mountain Lea Lodge and the Meadows ARC certainly evoke feelings of simplicity and lightheartedness, the organization is at the forefront of progressive workplace safety strategies that are changing the way residential care is provided.
  • Day of Mourning honours workers who died, were injured or became ill on the job Posted 2 weeks ago
    On April 28, we remember those who have died, were injured or became ill at work. The Day of Mourning offers employees and employers a chance to publicly renew their commitment to improve health and safety in the workplace.
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Day of Mourning April 28

This April 28th, we remember the 26 coal miners who were tragically lost in the Westray Mine disaster of 1992. Allen Martin remembers his brother, Glenn, 25 years later.

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