Workplace injuries hurt the most at home

Safety level

Workplace safety doesn’t become any less important after you clock out. In fact, it’s what – and who – we come home to at the end of the day that makes our safety so valuable.

The new injury prevention campaign from WCB Nova Scotia and Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education underlines the lasting impacts of work-related injuries and the ways they manifest in our daily lives. 

Water Fight
In Water Fight, a healthcare worker sustains a back injury while helping a patient on the job. Learn more.

In Recital, a mother sustains occupational noise-induced hearing loss and can no longer clearly hear her daughter practicing the piano. Learn more.

In Dinner, we see a mother struggle to break her habit of setting four places at the table after her husband dies from a fall on the job. Learn more.

When it comes to reducing workplace injuries, Nova Scotia has come a long way in the last decade. The number of time-loss injuries has decreased by more than 30 per cent. We’ve seen pockets of incredible success in the province’s safety culture.

But there is still more to do.

There are still about 6,000 people impacted by workplace injury each year. The ripple effect means about 6,000 families are also impacted each year.