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Our blog discussing workplace safety opportunities in Nova Scotia and around the world.

Choose Healthy Easter Treats
Walk into any retail center in the days leading up to Easter and you would be forgiven if you thought it was open season on sugar and chocolate.

Launching the Workplace Safety Strategy
WCB's CEO Stuart MacLean's thoughts on the new Workplace Safety Strategy.

Canadian Agriculture Safety Week March 10-16, 2013
Tips to stay safe on farms!

Spring ahead, with caution
Tips on how to work safely following Daylight Saving Time.

Stuart MacLean reflects on tragedy at sea
WCB's CEO, Stuart MacLean responds to the Miss Ally tragedy.

Let's Talk - 10 ways to create a mentally healthy workplace
Feb. 12th is Bell Canada's "Let's Talk" day to raise awareness and funding for Canadian mental health programs. Learn how you can participate and contribute.

WCB Employees give back to their community
In 2012, employees of the WCB gave their time and money to many organizations in Nova Scotia.

Injured workers have direct access to chiropractors for strains and sprains
As of January 1, 2013, injured workers in Nova Scotia have more choices about where to seek assessment services for their soft-tissue injuries.

Working safely while Pregnant
Tips for women to work safely during pregnancy

Improving Safety through Employee Engagement
The link between improved health and safety outcomes and employee engagement