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Cindy Porter
Cindy Porter
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The Right Gear for the Job
When working on a job, having the right tool matters.

Keeping Young Workers Safe
NAOSH Week is an important reminder about the importance of creating a safety culture in Nova Scotia’s workplaces.

Celebrating Safety Leadership with the Mainstay Awards
An exciting part of the North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week in Nova Scotia this year is the Mainstay Awards. The Mainstay Awards recognize the individuals, organizations, labour groups and employers whose efforts have helped make Nova Scotia a safer place to work

Ergonomic Solutions Make Economic Sense
Ergonomic solutions seek to fit the job to the worker.

5 Steps for Safety Leadership in Your Workplace
Nova Scotia is becoming a safer place to work. That’s something to celebrate during NAOSH Week. But it’s also a call to action to do more.

New program supports safe and timely return to work
The Centralized Surgical Services Program will help workers who are off work due to a workplace injury get speedier access to the surgical services they need to make a safe and timely return to their regular activities.

Spring ahead, don't fall asleep
Tips on how to work safely following Daylight Savings Time.

Chronicle Herald Op-Ed: Our risk-running culture on high seas must change
This op-ed from Stuart MacLean about fishing safety in Nova Scotia appeared on page A13 in the Feb. 26 edition of the Chronicle Herald.

WCB in the community: Events focused on workplace safety
Several events took place in the Fall of 2013 that brought together leaders, workplaces, safety partners, and government to discuss workplace safety. Read the wrap up.

Celebrating Workplace Safety with Halifax Harbour Bridges & Peter Hollet
We're celebrating previous Mainstay Award winners! Read their success stories, get inspired, and apply for your Mainstay Award today. The nomination period closes Jan. 15, 2014.

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