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Celebrate Mom by Keeping Her Safe


Whether it was teaching you to look both ways before crossing the street, kissing a scraped knee better, or holding you steady while you learned to ride a bike, your safety was Mom’s priority every step of the way. 

This Mother’s Day, make sure she knows that her safety matters, too. 

In 2017, 48.1 per cent of all workplace injuries were women, up from 46.9 per cent. That translates to 2,842 women – many of whom are mothers – who were injured on the job. 


The majority of these injuries occurred in Health and Social Services, meaning workers in this sector are the most at-risk in our province. 
While Nova Scotia is gradually becoming a safer place to work, even one injury is too many. 

For women who come home to other jobs as caregivers and mothers, workplace safety makes it possible to spend time on what matters most. 

No matter how you celebrate this Mother’s Day, be sure to remind Mom to stay safe at work – today, and every day. 

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