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Back to Better: Changing the story for workers recovering from injury
Stories about the far-reaching impacts of workplace injuries are all too common, but effective return-to-work programs could have the power to change them. Learn about the steps you need to take to help workers "get back to better."

Workplace safety is a team sport. Which position do you play?
Each member of a sports team may play a different position, but they contribute collectively to the outcome of the game. It's the same philosophy at the core of the Internal Responsibility System: every person in a workplace has the right, and the responsibility, to keep the workplace safe.

How workplace injury impacted Nova Scotians in 2022
Nova Scotia is becoming a safer place to work, but there is still work to do. Check out the latest statistics on workplace injuries, the most common types of injuries and how they occurred, which industries they were happening in and much more in the 2022 Impact of Workplace Injury Report.

10 ways to mark Safety and Health Week in your workplace
From May 1-6, demonstrate your commitment to physical and psychological safety in your workplace by participating in Safety and Health Week. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

February 29 is Repetitive Strain Injury Awareness Day
Learn about the risk factors, signs and symptoms and how to prevent Nova Scotia’s most common type of workplace injury.

Crew of the 'Miss Ally' remembered on 10-year anniversary
On February 17, 2013, five fishermen from Shelburne County were lost to the sea when the ‘Miss Ally’ capsized. The loss of Captain Katlin Nickerson, Joel Hopkins, Cole Nickerson, Tyson Townsend and Billy Jack Hatfield continues to be felt to this day.

Making and keeping safety a priority for Nova Scotia’s young workers
As high school ends, summer job season begins. For many young workers, it could be their first job. As we begin to emerge from the pandemic, workers, their employers, parents and teachers can help reinforce and demonstrate that their safety is the number one priority when it comes to preventing all workplace injury and illness.

Honouring Nova Scotia's miners on Davis Day
June 11 is an annual day of remembrance of miners who died on the job in Nova Scotia, and a reminder of the importance of advocating for workplace safety.

Use the Risk Mapping Tool to help prevent injuries in your workplace
One of the first key steps to knowing how to prevent injuries in your workplace is to understand where and why they’re happening. No matter where you work, WCB Nova Scotia’s Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Risk Mapping Tool can be used to help identify, assess, and control injury hazards to help reduce injuries.

Engaging everyone to create a workplace safety culture
Focus, dedication and collaboration are key components to making safety an integral part of workplace culture. Autoport Limited have demonstrated these and were recently recognized through WCB Nova Scotia’s Workplace Recognition Program as a leader and champion that is committed to preventing workplace injuries and to promoting an early and safe return to the workplace.

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