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Engaging everyone to create a workplace safety culture

Focus, dedication and collaboration are key components to making safety an integral part of workplace culture. Autoport Limited have demonstrated these and were recently recognized through WCB Nova Scotia’s Workplace Recognition Program as a leader and champion that is committed to preventing workplace injuries and to promoting an early and safe return to the workplace.

WCB’s Workplace Recognition Program acknowledges significant health and safety improvements and best-in-class approaches made by employers. Autoport Limited, one of North America’s largest vehicle processing and transshipment facilities, worked with WCB through our coaching services to establish new practices for injury reduction, helping workers return to work, increased JOHSC effectiveness and communication strategies to further educate workers. 

With approximately 350 workers, Autoport Limited is a key employer who many Canadians rely on. They make sure we have access to the automobiles we need to keep our own businesses moving, but most importantly our families. This is also true for all of the workers at Autoport Limited. It’s important for them to return home safely so they can make the most of their weekends with friends, and help get their families to where they need to go – like hockey or volleyball practice. 

To ensure all workers are safe at work, Autoport Limited took a collaborative approach to creating and implementing their safety initiatives. This meant having conversation at all levels of the organization from senior leaders and supervisors, to front-line personnel; and building partnerships with the union and JOHSC.  

This engagement led to everyone at Autoport Limited living a workplace safety culture. Safety training was made available for all, workers made decisions to only do something if they could do so safely, and focus was put on what someone with an injury could do instead of what they can’t do, helping them either stay at work or return to work safely. All of this moved Autoport Limited to all but eliminating $178,000 in claims costs, a major accomplishment. 

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