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Leading a Safety Culture
Leadership is a crucial element for setting the tone in any organization. It’s pivotal to beginning the conversations that create and maintain safe work environments, too.

It’s understood that leadership has economic impact. Leading through safety means accepting and embracing workplace safety as a business priority. But leading through safety also has very real human impact.

Many workplaces across Nova Scotia have committed to improving their safety performance and we have seen their efforts in our province’s improving results.

Since launching in October 2015, more than 100 CEOs have committed to signing the Nova Scotia Health and Safety Leadership Charter, a public declaration and commitment to improving health and safety performance in the province.

There are leaders in the safety culture movement across all industries. People like Kevin Pelley, President of Kohler Windows, who convinced his executive team to work with the Department of Labour and Advanced Education  and the WCB to improve their injuries and claims costs. Or JP Deveau, President of Acadian Seaplants, who considers his workforce an extended family as motivation in his efforts in health and safety. Or Cory Nickerson, lobster fisherman captain in Wedgeport, who refuses to let anyone work on his boat unless they’re wearing a PFD.

These individuals, and many more like them, are finding their voices to lead their businesses, industries and employees through real culture change. Find ways you can make an impact, using the following resources:

Safety Takes Leadership
Small Business Safety Toolkit
Workplace Incident Cost Calculator

May 1 to 7 is North American Occupational Safety and Health Week, a good time to focus on what you can do to make your workplace safer for everyone in it. For more tools and resources for employers and safety champions, visit our website.

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