Leaders set the tone in any organization - they establish the kind of employer an organization will be.

Regardless of where you work, or how big or small your business, there's always an opportunity for everyone to be a safety leader.

As we navigate our new reality with COVID-19, leadership is key as we face new kinds of challenges to our well being – both physical and mental – and the need for strong workplace safety and health approaches is more important than ever.

Leading through COVID-19

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Meet some Nova Scotia safety leaders

“We care about our staff and would never want to see harm come to them from something that could have been avoided.”
Joyce d'Entremont

“Fishing is dangerous work, but there are absolutely ways we can all make it safer.”
Cory Nickerson
 JP Deveau
"Our employees are like family to us and we don't want anyone to get hurt."
JP Deveau
Kevin Pelley
"We thought we were doing pretty well in the safety department. Our employees thought otherwise. So we listened."
Kevin Pelley


A Call to Lead