Tools for Young Workers

Safety level

The following tools can help you get the safety conversation started in your workplace.

As a start, introduce your young workers to Rod Stickman.

Fun, a little quirky, and packed with information (plus a cow, a bear, and a monkey) our downloadable Rod Stickman videos and discussion guides cover big issues in workplace safety, in an entertaining way. They’re a great way to get the conversation about safety started, for young workers and veterans alike.

Check out our young worker focused video and discussion guide to help you encourage learning and discussion.Young Worker Brochure for the Workplace

Rod Stickman Videos

Tips by Text

If you use a texting application to stay in touch with your employees, text a tip once a week to let your employees know about important safety issues. Here are a few to get you started:

  1. We take safety seriously and want to help you be safe at work. And to help do that, you will be getting some text safety tips over the next while.
  2. If you ever have safety concerns or even have a tip to share, please contactX.
  3. Take responsibility for your own workspace. Keep it organized and hazard free.
  4. Use your knees (not your back) to lift reasonable loads.
  5. Never lift heavy items above your waist.
  6. Speak up if something seems unsafe at work –tell your boss.
  7. Refuse to use ladders that are not properly secured, or appear unsafe.
  8. Be sure you’ve received proper safety training and the right gear for each job.
  9. Don’t rush. Take time to pay attention in each task you do.
  10. Make sure you have enough light to see clearly, and keep walkways free of obstacles.
  11. Do not carry objects that obstruct your vision.
  12. Be sure to keep three points of contact when using a ladder.
  13. Pushing is always better than pulling - your muscles are designed to push.
  14. Keep the load you are carrying close to your body – above your knees and below your shoulders.
  15. Clean up messes right away to avoid unnecessary slips and falls.
  16. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. If you ever have safety concerns or would like to share a safety tip, please contact (insert contact info).