STELIA Aerospace North America

STELIA Aerospace specializes in the design, development and manufacture of advanced composite structures and assemblies for the aeronautic, defense and space markets. Their headquarters and facility in Lunenburg focuses on commercial aircrafts with products that include aircraft structural components and control surfaces.


A joint workplace initiative between STELIA , WCB Nova Scotia, and the Department of Labour and Advanced Education, revealed a trend in musculoskeletal injuries related to storage of materials.


STELIA participated in WCB’s Participatory Ergonomic workshop to help implement an internal Ergonomic Action Response Team. This team performed internal assessments that identified key opportunities to improve. One such opportunity was the addition of rollers to their storage shelves.


The installation of shelf rollers eliminated awkward postures and allowed operators to transfer materials in a controlled manner. They were able to use proper lifting techniques to the transfer carts, significantly reducing the chances of injury.

Often, simple changes can reduce the likelihood of injury.

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