Preventing Sprains and Strains

More and more we’ve been hearing the term “ergonomics” especially in how it relates to the workplace. Basically, ergonomics in a work environment looks to prioritize the worker’s well-being and the overall performance of the work system – simply put “fitting the job to the worker.”

This is done by looking at how employees interact with their work environments, and the tools they use to complete their jobs. “Participatory Ergonomics” is a practice that engages employees to take a hands-on approach to designing a more comfortable, safe and healthy environment that will help to increase performance.

With the increasing focus on injury prevention at work, ergonomics is becoming a practice adopted by many of Nova Scotia’s top business leaders who invest in risk and hazard assessments and look to their employees to provide them with feedback on how they can complete their tasks more comfortably and ultimately, more safely.

For more information on participatory ergonomics, how to get started, and a real world case study, here’s more information: