MacLeod Group Health Service Limited

MacLeod Group owns and operates seven long term care nursing homes and three assisted retirement living communities in Nova Scotia. They employ over 1000 people.


Within the health care sector, MSIs are the most common time loss injuries and 50% of these are linked to some type of handling, transferring or repositioning of patients. This trend was evident at MacLeod Group’s seven long term care homes.


The implementation of a comprehensive safe resident handling and mobility program (SRHM) is a best practice that will reduce workplace injuries related to MSIs. Leadership support is critical to program implementation. New to the MacLeod Group, Heather Beaudoin, Director of Employee Wellness, wanted to establish a SRHM program at all seven long term care nursing homes. To be successful, she needed to engage administrators and frontline workers at each location to identify safety champions.


Leadership comes from all levels and, with Heather’s support, two frontline leaders emerged: Karen Doucette (RN) and Anne Underhill (PTA). These two leaders have embodied the concept that great things can happen with collaboration and respect. Karen and Anne have become instrumental in providing staff training and have formed a team with other safety champions to monitor and ensure their goal of having continuous improvements with the program.

Often, simple changes can reduce the likelihood of injury.

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