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Rod Stickman Videos

You'll probably recognize Rod Stickman from signs all around the world. Watch his mishap-filled performance in this series of workplace safety videos. Fun, a little quirky, and packed with information (plus a cow, an alligator, and a monkey) the videos cover big issues in workplace safety, in an entertaining way.

Communicating at Work

Watch his video and then share it with your co-workers.

Working Safely, by Design

Rod Stickman can help you design a safer workplace.

Watch his video and then share it with your co-workers.

Young Worker Safety

Rod Stickman thinks it is important for young workers to know what is safe and what is not in the workplace from day one.

Watch his video and then share it with your co-workers.

Returning to Work 

Rod Stickman has learned the hard way about Return To Work policies.

Watch his video and find out why a quick and safe return to work is so important.

Slips and Falls

Rod Stickman goes to the mat to help you avoid slips and falls in your workplace.

Watch his video and then share it with your co-workers.

Working From Heights

Rod Stickman can help prevent falls in your workplace. 

Watch his video and share it with your co-workers. 

Use them in toolbox meetings, at your JOHS Committee, or to get the kids thinking about safety before they start their summer jobs. To order a DVD with all the Rod Stickman videos for your workplace, email

Facilitator's Video Discussion Guide - this guide gives you a discussion section for each video that includes: background notes, a “Question and Answer” section to help guide discussions, and examples in the Q & A section, to encourage conversation.