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Parents - Talk to your kids

You taught your kids to look both ways and to not talk to strangers. It is just as important to talk to your kids about workplace safety.  Research shows that workers under age 25 are at greater risk for injury on the job. Young workers and new workers are 5 times more likely to be hurt in the first month than workers who have been in their current job more than 1 year.

Safety Conversations

Think back to your first day on your first job - you were probably unsure of a few things. So when your son or daughter gets hired for their first job, ask them about safety.  Don’t leave your words behind.

Don't assume that your kids work in a safe environment.

  • Over 2,900 young workers under age 25 reported a workplace injury last year in Nova Scotia.*
  • In 2015, an average of 12 workers / week were injured seriously enough to be off work.*
  • 7 young workers have died in tragic and preventable workplace fatalities in Nova Scotia since 2006.*

Don’t assume they have received proper training.

  • In a survey of young workers, 56% reported that they had not received any training before taking on a new task.**
Don’t assume your kids will voice concerns to employers.

  • Young workers are usually afraid to speak up.  They want to make a good impression and appear capable to their supervisors.  They are more likely to seek the advice or follow the example of experienced co-workers, even if the behaviour is unsafe.

Responsibilities at Work

Employers must provide a safe environment but teach your kids they also have responsibilities at work.

  • Always use machinery and equipment the way they were trained
  • Report hazards, including any suspected hazard or violations of Nova Scotia’s health and safety laws
  • Always use protective equipment and never remove guards or devices designed to protect them
  • Always wear safety gear – it’s the law

*Source: Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia
**Source: Industrial Accident Prevention Association