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CarbonCure Technologies wins Mainstay Special Award for Small Business

Based in the Burnside Industrial Park, CarbonCure Technologies is an incredible example of an organization that holds up safety as its highest priority.

L-R: Minister Kelly Regan, Labour and Advanced Education, Diane Praught, CarbonCure and Stuart MacLean, CEO of WCB

With a maximum of ten people working in their building at any given time, CarbonCure is dedicated to putting safety first. Safety awareness and accessibility are factored into every decision both onsite and out in the field, particularly when introducing new equipment or practices to their lab.

The biggest programs dedicated to health and safety at CarbonCure are the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (which includes all lab staff) and the CCT TravelSafe Program. Short OH&S meetings are held on a weekly basis and each year all staff are provided with practical safety training such as fire extinguisher training, Machine Shop equipment training, fresh concrete safe handling procedures, industrial plan safety training and emergency evacuation procedures. This is in addition to more formal safety training which includes first aid training, WHMIS, site specific training and formal lab safety training. Staff who work out in the field are provided with Personal Protective Equipment, sunscreen and water to help protect them on the job.

CarnonCure’s commitment to safety goes beyond training programs and protective equipment. They make sure that their employees understand that safety is about much more than just the daily tasks at work. It’s about protecting one another and making sure everyone gets home safe at the end of the day. This is why CarbonCure’s leadership team integrates safety into fun, team-building events such as a BBQ during NAOHS Week and a health and safety quiz game with incentives for participants.

This dedication to safety has achieved great results. Since opening their doors in 2012, CarbonCure has had zero lost-time accidents at the facility and zero accidents requiring medical attention.

Mainstay Special Award for Small Business - CarbonCure Inc.

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