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Tips for staying healthy and safe while getting through winter
This winter has brought some incredible weather to Nova Scotia - snow, freezing rain, rain, flash freezes, and all the above put together. 

On top of these pressures, we’re also dealing with the balance of work and family obligations. It’s easy to get frustrated and feel stress over the extra time it takes to get going each morning when you have to shovel, clear off the car, and inevitably, get stuck in what seems like endless traffic. Often, our tendency is to rush and take short-cuts. 

Short-cuts like not clearing off your vehicle properly, which can lead to ice and snow flying off the roof directly into the path of the driver behind you.  

Short-cuts like pulling into the passing lane to get ahead, only to realize the person driving the vehicle in front of you sees what you can’t - black ice. 

Short-cuts like not having your driveway thoroughly cleared, causing an accident for yourself, or someone visiting your property. 

These tough winters are frustrating. They bring increased physical demands, the necessity to revise our schedules, and more time to navigate our way to work and extra-curricular activities. 

Here are some great tips on how to get through the next couple of months before the warm weather greets us once again: 

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