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Set the tone for safety

"The world we’re living in is demanding a new kind of leadership. One that is asking leaders across this province to step up in a way they never have before.” 


Leaders set the tone in any organization. They establish the kind of employer an organization will be.

Safety leaders often have a values-based approach.

They put people before profits.

They believe that something should only be done if it can be done safely.

The same leadership shown by many Nova Scotia employers is often at the core of strong workplace safety cultures. 

Since the pandemic began, leaders have been called upon like never before. 

As we continue to navigate our new normal, employers have an incredible opportunity to lead the way. Leadership is key as strong workplace safety and health approaches help us face ever evolving challenges to our well being – both physical and mental. 

As well, in 2020, the time it took workers to return to work after a workplace injury increased significantly to an average of 178 days - a 31-day increase over the year before, and 51-day increase over 2018. It’s far too high, and among the highest in Canada. 

If an injury does occur, as a leader, you play an integral role in the success of the return-to-work program and the wellness of a person injured at work. You provide strong leadership and guidance, coupled with a positive collaboration between your employee and all the return-to-work partners.

Most employers’ experience over the last year, has been marked by change and resilience. With vaccinations on the rise, we are driven by a sense of hope and optimism, and a focus on the future. 

As we move through 2021, strong leadership will continue to help us work through this, safely.

Remember, you don’t need a big title to be a safety leader. A safety leader is anyone who makes their workplace safer. In doing so they can change a life, a community, and a province for the better.

Safety and Health Week is a great time to pause and reflect on safety and return to work, and to reinforce the principles and practices that make your workplace safe. 

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