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Injured workers have direct access to chiropractors for strains and sprains

As of January 1, 2013, injured workers in Nova Scotia have more choices about where to seek assessment services for their soft-tissue injuries. As part of our contract renewal, WCB-approved chiropractors are now full participants in Nova Scotia’s Tier 1 return-to-work model, and can provide functional abilities assessment services.

According to WCB injury reporting, the number of workplace injuries in Nova Scotia has declined during the past seven years. This trend, coupled with increased efforts by workers, employers, safety advocates and direct service providers has led to a significant reduction in the length of time injured workers are off work due to soft-tissue injuries. Giving injured workers more choices about where to access functional abilities assessment services will help to support prompt treatment and a safe and timely return to productive work.

Only those chiropractors who have completed WCB Tier 1 training can provide functional abilities assessment services. A list of all approved chiropractors can be found on our website at  Chiropractors will follow the same process as physiotherapists.

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