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Launching the Workplace Safety Strategy

Nova Scotia’s new Workplace Safety Strategy is all about best practices.

It’s about making health and safety the underpinning of every business, and protecting our most valuable resources – people.

This is an important step forward for our province. It’s a road map for how, together, we can improve prevention, increase collaboration and reduce the impact of injury.

Having strong and supportive leaders is the backbone to any safety strategy.  And hundreds of Nova Scotians from labour groups, safety consultants, workers, employers and academics took time to participate and share their perspectives to get us to here.

Because of the work that went into building this strategy, we now have a higher level of commitment from all safety partners and stakeholders.

Today, we’re in a better position than we’ve ever been in before in terms of our ability to make real, lasting and positive change in the workplace.

An important thing to keep in mind is that this strategy belongs to all Nova Scotians.

We need to inspire one another, get ideas and learn from each other – that’s how we’ll improve.

We all have the same goal - to work in a healthy and safe workplace, and to go home happy and healthy at the end of each and every day.

That’s why we all have a stake in the strategy. We can see ourselves and the people we care about in it. Now, we need to make it our own.

Today marks the first step in having a strong safety culture in this province, where when it comes to work, we only do something if we can do it safely.

The WCB welcomes the opportunity to play a collaborative role in supporting the strategy’s implementation, and to helping fulfil its vision of Nova Scotia becoming the safest place to work in Canada.

Thanks to the conversations that helped build this strategy, I know that we can make our vision a reality.

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